Your Father’s Day gifting guide

Father’s day is around the corner and it’s time to show your dad that you truly care about him! Make his day incredible by arranging short surprises with Father’s Day Gifts Online through! Chikili brings you a gamut of options to celebrate fatherhood. Whether you’re looking for cool Father’s Day gifts for your dad or exploring to get unique gift concepts for the father of your children, we’ve got you covered with gifts that could stand out from those boring old gifts. Just dig in and find a dad-worthy gift right now!


Leather Airpod Case

If your dad is a gadget geek, get him this pro stylish leather airpod case. With simple design fit and precise cut-out bottom for a lightning port, this airpod case will add that dashing look to your dad’s accessories. Convey to him that your love for him is one hundred per cent pure just like the leather used for this product.
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Energea Wireless Car Charger

For those crazy automobile freak dads, there is no better gift than a wireless car charger! This mobile charger will let your dad charge his mobile phones without getting out of the car. The suction pad is so strong so that he could just mount it over any surface. Get this cool Wireless car charger to your dad and let him enjoy his drive with no more hassles!
Get this charger now :


Golf mug with pen

Does your dad often get bored easily? Then gift him this cool golf mug and pen! It comes with a mini-golf ball and putter shaped pen; The stick can be used as a spoon and also as a pen. The channel at the bottom of the mug gives him a chance to practice his game while enjoying his favourite beverage.
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Levitating floating bulb

Get this mysterious floating bulb to your dad and let him wonder how it works. The magnetic levitation technology in this lamp will support free floating of the lamp in the air, making it look like magic! Gift your father some wow factor and enjoy father’s day!
Get this bulb now :


Foot Hammock

Gift your dad this amazing footrest desk hammock so he can read his newspaper comfortably. This unique hammock design replaces that extra chair he used to prop his feet up. Let him know that you care about his comfort more than anything else!
Buy this foot hammock now :


LED Desk-lamp With Wireless Charger

If your dad is a night owl working on his business all night sending emails and approval letters, get him this LED desk lamp with wireless charger. The led desk Lamp is powered by constant current, so it emits flicker-free and non-glare light, helping him avoid eye fatigue caused by flickering light and harsh glare.
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Oral Irrigator

Does your dad care more about hygiene? Gift him this oral irrigator so that he could take care of his teeth in no time. This irrigator is a powerful water jet which helps remove debris deep between the teeth and reduces the risk of bacteria build-up in crevices and below the gum line. Don’t miss the shine when he smiles!
Get this oral irrigator now :


TravelMate Zen Multi-Functional Organizer

What if you can get a travel organizer for your gallivanter dad? Yes, this travel bag could sort all your essential items (passport, keys, phone, headphones, wallet, currency) organized and accessible on the go! It will stay attached to his secondary bag so that he doesn't have to worry reaching out to his favourite destinations!
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Anti-lost Bluetooth tracker

Give your dad a memory break, let him not worry about his keys, wallet, bags, phone, laptop, backpack, camera, pets and other stuff! This anti lost Bluetooth tracker will find every little thing with its smart finder.
Gift this tracker now :



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