About us

Chikili.com is an online shopping pit stop, providing a unique experience that combines an authoritative selection of products and unparalleled service. Launched in September 2016, associated with Buyer Solutions (CR No. 43014). Chikili.com aims to be the fastest growing retail online store in Qatar.

 These are chikili.com's ten core values that we will live by as we grow as a company:

1. Relentless focus on the customer.

2. Build great partnerships.

3. Daily commitment to respect, honesty and integrity equals success.

4. Every challenge is an opportunity to innovate.

5. Embrace and share lifelong learning.

6. Positive outlooks solve problems.

7. Maximize every minute by turning one day into two.

8. Create value in everything you do.

9. Do more than you're asked and deliver more than you promise

10. Enjoy the Journey as that is the true treasure


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