Cookie Press Kit – Stainless Steel Biscuit Press
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Product Description :

  • Making cookies have never been more fun, conjure up sweet memories of your cchildhood when grandma made cookies for you with her cookie press
  • Tradition continues to pass down the cookie baking tradition and make great memories with your kids, grand kids, family and friends. They can all join in it is so easy.
  • The kids will love it, watch their faces light up when they smell a fresh batch of delicious cookies. Baking is meant to be fun, easy for the kids to learn. See how proud they are of the cookie they cooked.
  • Easy to use, No more rolling pin required. No more sore hands after dozens of cookies are made. Use your own tried and tested momma's recipe.
  • Everything we do, we believe will make you a master of your kitchen. We do this by making beautiful products that are simple to use and easy to teach to others.
  • No bending of discs, can handle the toughest of doughes, 2 Size Settings. Even make cheese straws and churros. Perfect uniform cookies, just add creativity.
  • 20 Designer Metal Discs, Something For Every Season or Occasion. Finish by Decorating and Creating Amazing Cookies with the 4 Icing Tips. Use The Piping Tips not Just for Your Spritz Cookies, but Also for Cakes, Devil Eggs and Much Much More

    You Will Be a Cookie Press Master!!

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