• Vestel Dishwasher FNAT34RRKL43651
Vestel Dishwasher FNAT34RRKL43651
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  • vestelThanks to Vestel’s 14-person capacity dishwashers, you will save even more time and energy by washing more dishes at once
  • The upper cutlery basket is designed to place forks, spoons and knives, long dippers and small items
  • It is possible to take out the dishes along with the 3rd rack after washing
  • The Upper Cutlery Basket is composed of two pieces; You can take out left or right part of the upper cutlery basket to obtain more space for the dishes in the upper basket
  • Eco Friendly Ecowash technology provides washing performance when dishwasher is not fully loaded, only lower basket or upper basket or both are used with half load if necessary by using half load option
  • Ecowash technology saves energy and water by reducing energy and water consumption due to load options
  • With its inverter motor technology, Vestel Dishwashers provide speed control in different washing steps thanks to special brushless motors, silently rinse your dishes with the highest performance
  • Steam wash technology softening the most stubborn dirts by steam power
  • High temperature and directly applied steam ensure perfect hygiene and gentle cleaning for your sensitive dishes
  • Delay Timer function allows you to start the program by postponing it until the desired time of day
  • So, you can program your Vestel dishwasher according to your life
  • With the Jetwash 18 Min this fast program, you can clean the dishes like less and/or recently soiled (coffee, milk and tea etc.) in only 18 minutes
  • This program is one of the fastest programs in the world
  • It cleans your dishes with 4 place settings capacity in 18 minutes. With this option, water reaches optimum temperature to dissolve the combined detergent ideally and eliminates such drawbacks and assures maximum performance
  • Dual Prowash Advanced pump technology allows for one wash to be cleaned at two separate water pressures
  • Auto Door provides more efficient drying process by automatically opening the door during drying phase which lets the hot air to out of the dishwasher (necessary energy amount to dry the dishes is reduced significantly
  • Extra silent option decreases noise level of program without decreasing cleaning quality in day or night time when silence is required
  • 9 Ltr water consumption


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